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Hi, I'm QuartzWarrior.

I'm a passionate developer who loves creating beautiful and functional websites and applications using Python, JavaScript, and Go. I have over five years of experience in web development, working with various frameworks and technologies such as Django, React, Node.js, GraphQL, and more.

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I use Python for backend development, data analysis, machine learning, and scripting. I have experience with Django, Flask, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and more.

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I use JavaScript for frontend development, creating dynamic and interactive web pages and applications. I have experience with React, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, and more.

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I use Go for backend development, creating fast and scalable web services and APIs. I have experience with Gin, Gorm, and more.

Some of my projects

Live Minecraft Status project image

Live Minecraft Status

A bot that tells you the status of any server with commands. Hypixel Stats, Download YouTube, Hive Stats Minecraft Moderation.

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QuartzWarrior README project image

QuartzWarrior README

A personal README file that showcases my skills, projects, and social media links on GitHub.

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GameFinder project image


A website that allows users to find and play various online games such as Slope and CookieClicker. I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap for this project.

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I have experience with HTML5 and can create websites using it.

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I have experience with CSS3 and can create websites using it.

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I have experience with JavaScript and can create websites using it.

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